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8:26 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Welt - Nordamerika
Obama on Mount Rushmore: Move Over Guys, Room for One More Con Artist
Philip Giraldi - I am on the emailing lists of both the Republican and Democratic Parties because I like to know what the enemies of the American people are up to. Recently there has been a lot of squeaking from the GOP in an attempt to put lipstick on the Trump pig, but the truly remarkable emailing has been coming out of the Democratic Party, which is desperately seeking to convince the public that it actually represents something.
8:25 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Welt - Nordamerika
Tulsi Gabbard: Wake Up And Smell Our $6.4 Trillion Wars
Meanwhile, her fellow Democrats appear abysmally unconcerned about the human and financial toll. The Democratic establishment is increasingly irritated. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, long-shot candidate for president, is attacking her own party for promoting the “deeply destructive” policy of “regime change wars.” Gabbard has even called Hillary Clinton “the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party.” Senator Chris Murphy complained: “It’s a little hard to figure out what itch she’s trying to scratch in the Democratic Party right now.” Some conservatives seem equally confused. The Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry asked: “where is Tulsi distinguishing herself when it really matters?”
8:25 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Themen - Menschenrechte
The Stain on America’s Soul That Will Not Wash Away
Robert Scheer - Guantanamo Bay has become a name synonymous with torture and lawlessness. Years after the so-called “War on Terror” began, information about operations in this U.S.-controlled section of Cuba have slowly leaked out. In an astounding new book titled “A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices from Guantanamo,” University of San Francisco law professor Peter Jan Honigsberg documents the firsthand accounts of 52 of the 780 detainees held at Guantanamo Bay by U.S. authorities.
8:24 [TASS] Welt - Weltpolitik
New summit in Normandy format to be held in four months — Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron said that "we are confident that this work on restoring peace and trust is very important". The new summit in the Normandy format should be held in four months, French President Emmanuel Macron told a press conference in Paris. "We have discussed all the work that our diplomatic advisors, our foreign ministers need to complete in the next four months in order to ensure the settlement of the local conflict, so that we can hold a new summit in the Normandy format in four months," Macron said.
8:24 [TASS] Welt - Weltpolitik
Putin says there is no alternative to Minsk Agreements
There are different interpretations of the Minsk Agreements but there is no alternative to this package of measures, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a press conference after the Normandy Four summit in Paris. "Any agreement is flexible to a certain extent, and some things written in texts may be interpreted differently by the sides," Putin said. "However, I agree that there is no alternative to the Minsk Agreements, and everything should be done to implement them in full," he added.
8:23 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Themen - Energie und Ressourcen
As Winter Comes Pipeline Wars Heat Up
Tom Luongo - For all of 2019 December has been a magnet. A number of major geopolitical issues come to head this month and many of them have everything to do with energy. This is the month that Russian gas giant Gazprom was due to finish production on three major pipeline projects – Nordstream 2, Turkstream and Power of Siberia. Power of Siberia is here. It’s finished. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping christened the pipeline to begin the month. Next month Putin will travel to Turkey to join President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to open the first of four potential trains of the Turkstream pipeline.
7:23 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] Welt - Weltpolitik
Trump Lawyer To Block International Criminal Court Efforts To Open War Crimes Probe
This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 12/4.
7:22 [Zero Hedge] Themen - Sport
Russia Banned From Olympics, World Cup Over Doping Violations
In an unprecedented ban that could see Russia barred from officially competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the World Anti-Doping Authority decided to slap Russia with a four-year ban from international sports.
7:22 [TASS] Themen - Sport
WADA rules to ban Russia for four years from Olympics and world championships
The Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has approved recommendations of the Compliance Review Committee (CRC) to strip Russia of the right to participate in major international sports tournaments, including the Olympics and World Championships, for the period of four years, WADA’s press service said in a statement on Monday.
7:21 [Eric Stacy/YouTube] Themen - Medien und Propaganda
Unthinkable: An Airline Captain`s Story
An investigative journalist explores the "murder-suicide" of 9/11 author Marshall Philips and his two children days after Philips announced a new book to include sensational new evidence of those behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Based on actual events. Skeptical?
7:15 [The Millennium Report] Welt - Nordamerika
The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America
The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete Control of the United States of America
7:06 [youtube/Jason Bermas] Welt - Nordamerika
This Big Fish Is The Real Deal!
Big Fish talking about his experience giving his research results on pizzagate to the Washington police and what happened afterwards.
6:57 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] Welt - Nordamerika
The Pentagon’s Destruction of the Bill of Rights
It is supremely ironic that Pentagon officials take an oath to support and defend the Constitution because they intentionally destroyed the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution when they set up their “judicial” system at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In fact, the very reason the Pentagon established its system in Cuba, rather than the United States, was to circumvent and avoid the provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
6:57 [Zero Hedge] Welt - Nordamerika
Russia: Friend Or Foe?
The American people, including tourists, business people, trade groups, and cultural groups, are our nation’s best diplomats. Pentagon, CIA, and State Department people are our nation’s worst diplomats...
6:56 [youtube/Millennial Millie] Welt - Nordamerika
Schiff Is So Busted!
Millie Weaver recently reported that, according to sources, the supposed whistleblower that triggered the impeachment inquire into motion is really nothing more than cover for `warranted` electronic surveillance monitoring the Trump Administration`s investigations into corruption tied to Ukraine.
6:49 [Stalker Zone] Themen - Geschichte
Crimea Will Be Russian: SBU Bugging Reveals Secrets of Euromaidan’s “Last Supper”
At the most recent time of Euromaidan, on December 14th 2013, a photo of the “last supper” flew around on the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyagnibok met with Senator John McCain and then US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt from the United States at the Intercontinental Hotel. The photo shows McCain dominating, and the opposition trio attentive to him. What was the conversation about back then? It turns out that this is no secret for the SBU, because eavesdropping devices were installed in the room where the negotiations were taking place.
22:54 [Elijah J. Magnier] Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel
What have the US and protestors in Lebanon achieved over Iran and its allies?
For several weeks now, much of the Lebanese population has turned on the country’s traditional political leaders and wrought havoc on the corrupt domestic political system. Those who have ruled the country for decades have offered little in the way of reforms, have paid little attention to the infrastructure, and done little or nothing to provide job opportunities outside the circle of their clients. The protestors were also driven into the street by the US measures strangling the Lebanese economy and preventing most of the 7-8 million expatriates from transferring financial support (around $8 billion per year) to their relatives back home. This is how the US administration has conducted its policy in the Middle East in its failed attempt to bring Iran and its allies to their knees.
22:36 [New Eastern Outlook] Welt - Weltpolitik
Will Sudan Escape American Chains?
On December 6, 2019, Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok announced that Sudan will be pulling all remaining troops out of Yemen. Under the Bashir regime, in a secret agreement between Israel, Saudi Arabia and Trump, Sudan moved up to 40,000 troops into Yemen with 4000 being killed there, fighting alongside al Qaeda and Columbian mercenaries tied to drug cartels in that nation. You see, Yemen has become not just a war of survival for those under continual bombardment from a US led coalition that has killed and starved tens of thousands but, in reality, an effort to bolster Saudi Arabia now drowning after years of failed “war of adventure.” This is Saudi Arabia’s “Vietnam.”
22:32 [Mint Press News] Welt - Lateinamerika
Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Targets Foreigners With “Anti-Terror” Death Squads
The new move creating an unaccountable armed security force directly aimed at foreign terror will do little to quash fears that Bolivia is heading down the road to a totalitarian dictatorship.
14:36 [Fars News Agency] Welt - Mittlerer Osten
Spokesman: Iran to Give Crushing Response to Any Israeli Military Threats
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi rapped Israeli officials` recent military threats against Iran, and warned of a crushing response to any "stupid" move.
14:34 [Fars News Agency] Themen - Militär und Frieden
Report: Russia Warplanes Intercept Israeli Jets over Southern Syria
According to Russian publication Avia.Pro, Russia’s warplanes intercepted the Israeli warplanes that had been seeking to attack the T-4 Airbase in Syria`s Western province of Homs last week.

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