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Das Schicksal heilt uns von vielen Fehlern, die die Vernunft nicht kurieren könnte.
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15:15 [Consortium News] (E)
Russia-gate’s Evidentiary Void
A cyber-warfare expert sees no technical evidence linking Russia to the Democratic email releases, but The New York Times presses ahead with a new hope that Ukraine can fill the void, reports Robert Parry.
12:35 [Land Destroyer Report] (E)
Syria: As the War Continues, WMD Lies Linger
- Despite the now historical lies exposed in the wake of the devastating US invasion and occupation of Iraq beginning in 2003, the United States has attempted to use similar lies regarding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) repeatedly as a pretext for similar wars including in neighboring Syria.
12:09 [shtfplan] (E)
“Start Throwing Rocks”: Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets
...And if you don’t think the mainstream media is responsible for nudging our country towards war in the streets, then you should read this op-ed that was recently published by the Washington Post. It was written by N.D.B. Collins, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University.
13:16 [Alles Schall und Rauch] (D)
Wie Nordkorea den Westen betrachtet
Der folgende Film wurde in Nordkorea produziert für das nordkoreanische Publikum. Er hat den Titel "PROPAGANDA" und zeigt wie die Menschen im Westen durch die Medien-Propaganda beeinflusst, gelenkt, gehirngewaschen, sowie ignorant und in Angst gehalten werden, wie das nordkoreanische Regime es sieht.
10:51 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Schwarze Listen statt Fairplay: Wie die EU und Soros die Pressefreiheit aushöhlen
Im Kampf gegen so genannte "russische Desinformation" greift die EU zu äußerst fragwürdigen Methoden. Nach außen mahnt sie immer wieder die Pressefreiheit an - und unterminiert diese zugleich mit dem "Disinformation Review". Mit von der Partie: George Soros.
11:42 [The Duran] (E)
An inside look at how The New York Times gets government employees to leak info about Trump
Emails from a reporter for the New York Times to government employees obtained exclusively by Breitbart News demonstrate that the newspaper’s employees are not just on the receiving end of leaks, but are actually soliciting government employees to become leakers. What’s more, the emails demonstrate the Times colluded with the president of government union to encourage and solicit these leaks—something that may become highly problematic for both institutions.
11:41 [Washington`s Blog] (E)
U.S. Government & Press Lie Constantly, with Total Impunity
The U.S. press don’t report this fact, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. The following will document its truth, by recent prominent examples, and will explain how and why this rampant lying by the government and press is done.
11:40 [Zero Hedge] (E)
NBC`s Brian Williams: "Our Job Is To Scare People To Death" Over North Korea
On Tuesday night MSNBC`s Brian Williams bluntly told his panel on the channel`s flagship prime time program, The 11th Hour, that "our job tonight actually is scare people to death" over North Korea.
11:36 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
NYT - Russia Wants Innovation, But It’s Arresting Its Fraudsters
Russia is BAD we are told on a daily base. It is hacking U.S. elections it is claimed, even when the evidence says it did not do so. The public is only mildly convinced by the anti-Russian propaganda campaign. The attempt of the borg to reignite a cold war and to vilify Russia is hampered by that fact that Russia is no longer an ideological enemy of the "west". Russia is no longer communist and there are no soviets ruling it.
23:48 [teleSUR] (E)
`Our Job Is to Scare People` about North Korea: NBC`s Williams
Brian Williams is also known for describing U.S. Tomahawk missile hitting Syria as "beautiful."
3:13 [Strategic Culture] (E)
US Government & Press Lie Constantly, with Total Impunity
On August 2nd, US President Donald Trump signed into law increased sanctions against Russia, which had been passed 98-2 in the Senate and 419-3 in the House.
18:44 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
News aus erster Hand: Trump findet Kampfmittel gegen US-Mainstream Medien
US-Präsident Donald Trump, der den Informationskrieg gegen die US-Medien zu verlieren droht, versucht die Situation zu ändern und loyale Medien ins Leben zu rufen.
6:03 [Zevengeur] (F)
Qui contrôle les médias, contrôle les cerveaux…et les bulletins de vote !
Les dernières élections ont démontré une fois de plus le lien de causalité entre le matraquage médiatique, en particulier télévisuels, et les bulletins de vote.
10:23 [Querdenkende] (D)
Fernsehen: Konsumieren oder einfach abschalten?
Von der Dauerberieselung zur Befreiung
11:02 [The Jimmy Dore Show/YouTube] (E)
Why The US News Media Is Always Pro War
Jimmy Dore breaks it down. Check out Citations Needed ▶
23:22 [Telepolis] (D)
Gerüchte um Wahlbetrug in Venezuela machen Schlagzeilen
Londoner Hersteller von Wahlcomputern sorgt mit Erklärung für Aufregung. Zahlen und Argumente kaum nachprüfbar
23:16 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Reuters Suggests But Can Not Find "Iran`s new route to Yemen"
... Using this new route, Iranian ships transfer equipment to smaller vessels at the top of the Gulf, where they face less scrutiny. The transhipments take place in Kuwaiti waters and in nearby international shipping lanes, the sources said. ...
22:25 [ Engler] (E)
It`s time to talk about the Israel slander network
As a researcher and writer largely focused on Canadian foreign policy I was surprised to be profiled by a right wing U.S. magazine and downright amazed when the story was tweeted out by renowned French imperialism apologist Bernard-Henri Lévy.
0:38 [Opablog] (D)
Das Trio wird zu EINEM FEINDBILD verschmolzen!
TrumpPutinErdogan, die allem Anschein nach gegenwärtig jeder in seiner Weise dazu beitragen, ISIS in Syrien in verlustreichen Kämpfe zu schlagen – diese drei sind zum schillernd-dreieinigen Feindbild der Globalisten-Mafia geworden.
22:07 [The Daily Sheeple] (E)
Debunking Neocon Propaganda Line-by-Line
What follows is a response to a July 26 article published at the Washington Post entitled “Why is the Trump Administration Empowering al-Qaeda in Syria?” penned by columnist Marc Thiessen.
14:38 [The Duran] (E)
The Washington Post forced to admit Russia “collusion just isn’t there”
The Russian hoax is losing steam...and Jared Kushner is the reason why.
7:56 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
The New York Times Pushes Propaganda War Against Russia by Publius Tacitus
There is no longer any doubt that the New York Times is nothing more than a willing cog in the establishment war machine and is happy to serve as a propaganda platform. While there are times that newspapers and electronic media outlets are unwitting dupes for propaganda, the article penned by MICHAEL R. GORDON and ERIC SCHMITT (published on 31 July 2017) is the work of willing puppets masquerading as journalists: Russia’s Military Drills Near NATO Border Raise Fears of Aggression
6:24 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
There are two claims one hears from people opposed to any serious action taken in favor of Palestinian rights. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. And BDS unfairly singles out Israel and therefore (you guessed it) is anti-Semitic. Here are the short answers those claims deserve.
2:27 [CFR Media] (E)
The American Empire and its Media
Largely unbeknownst to the general public, many media executives and top journalists of almost all major U.S. news outlets, political and business magazines, public broadcasters and press agencies have long been members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
0:33 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
More staged footage from the White Helmets... definitely not oscar worthy.
We’ve obtained an exclusive raw footage of White Helmets operating in unidentified location in Syria where allegedly the Syrian government forces had used CW or other banned weapons against civilians.
0:32 [21stcenturywire] (E)
Washington Post Publishes OpEd Critical of Pro-Israel Law Which Shuts Down BDS
It’s no secret that the US mainstream media enforces a very tight party line when it comes to saying anything about Israel. Generally speaking, any criticism of the ‘Jewish State’ normally ends up in the editorial waste bin.
5:40 [Consortium News] (E)
The Dawn of an Orwellian Future
The U.S. mainstream media continues to spread its own “fake news,” like the falsehood about an intelligence community “consensus” on Russia-gate “hacking,” as algorithms begin to marginalize dissent, reports Robert Parry.
2:51 [Politico] (E)
State Dept insider explains how the US weaponizes information to bring regime change to DPR Korea
... I imagined the information flowing into North Korea as a pyramid. The base of the pyramid, the majority of content, is entertainment—South Korean TV dramas, pop music and foreign movies. ...
22:36 [Telepolis] (D)
Behauptungen von MEE zu irakischer Armee in Mosul: "Wir töteten sie alle. Daesh, Männer, Frauen und Kinder"
Die von Al-Kaida-Sponsor Katar finanzierte Webseite Middle East Eye beschuldigt die irakische Armee, in Mossul systematisch Verbrechen begangen zu haben, bleibt die Beweise jedoch schuldig. Telepolis verbreitet die katarischen Anschuldigungen trotzdem weiter als ob sie eine Tatsache wären.
11:25 [Medienschafe] (D)
Ukraine (4): Goebbels in Galizien - von 2014
Woher Kommen Die Nazis In Der Ukraine? Wer Hat Sie Stark Gemacht Und Zu Welchem Zweck? Diese Frage sollte in der Presse an erster Stelle stehen, doch davon ist nicht viel zu sehen. Stattdessen wird weiterhin die Angst vor dem „bösen“ Putin und der „Aggression“ Russlands geschürt und von den geo-politischen Hintergründen im Kontext des US-Imperialismus abgelenkt.
20:17 [Rubikon] (D)
Die Herrschaft der Propaganda - Wenn die Wahrheit überhaupt noch eine Chance hat, dann sicher nicht in den USA.
Die Meister der Propaganda, von ihrem Erfinder, dem jüdischen PR-Experten Edward Louis James Bernays bis zum NS-Propagandaminister Paul Joseph Goebbels, stimmen darin überein, dass eine Lüge durch ständige Wiederholung zur Wahrheit werden kann.
20:17 [Club Orlov] (E)
“Facts on the Ground”
It is a sad fact that people in the West, and in the US especially, are presently living in a world that is bereft of actual news about what goes on in many parts of the world, especially the active conflict zones, such as Syria, Yemen and Libya. What they do hear is often based not on facts but on ideology, which is endlessly spouted by officials and think tanks in Washington.
19:13 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
NYT, Reuters, Economist journalists self-censor reports from Israel so as not to be ‘savagely targeted’ — John Lyons
Veteran Australian journalist John Lyons says that reporters from the New York Times, The Economist, Agence France-Presse, and Reuters told him that they censor themselves in reporting from Israel lest they be "savagely targeted" by Israel. Reuters even has a list of special words that won`t "upset" Israeli authorities, he said.
11:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Kurt Eichenwald Attempts Twitter Fight With Julian Assange, Gets Wrecked
A Twitter fight is raging between (possibly former) Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and it`s been awesome. To bring you up to speed - The Gateway Pundit reported Sunday that a lawsuit against Eichenwald and Newsweek was settled out of court last week for an undisclosed sum over Eichenwald accusing Sputnik News editor Bill Moran of colluding with Russia.
11:59 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Nach Fake-Blamage: Newsweek feuert offenbar den Autor – nun greift dieser Assange an
Kurt Eichenwald, jener Liebling der US-Mainstream-Medien, den alle gerne hassen, ist von der Zeitschrift „Newsweek“ offenbar entlassen worden. Zuvor hatte sich das Magazin mit einem ehemaligen Sputnik-Autor geeinigt, der von Kurt Eichenwald in einem Beitrag verleumdet worden war.
12:16 [Bankhaus Rott & Frank Meyer] (D)
CNN versumpft im Russland-Müll
Die bizarre Berichterstattung des Mainstreams wird vermutlich nur noch in der BRD von einigen ernst genommen. Selbst in den Staaten geht die groteske Dauerbeschallung offenbar manchem auf die Nerven. Aber immerhin bleibt der Humor dabei nicht auf der Strecke.
12:12 [Blauer Bote Magazin] (D)
Bana Alabed und die vierzig Fassbomben
Im Syrienkrieg wird ein kleines siebenjähriges beziehungsweise mittlerweile achtjähriges Mädchen namens Bana Alabed vom Westen und seinen jihadistischen Hilfstruppen (Al Qaida und co) in Syrien für übelste Kriegspropaganda missbraucht. Man kennt diese Propaganda mit leidenden Kindern schon aus der Vergangenheit, siehe beispielsweise die Brutkastenlüge Kuweit/Irak oder die Lüge über aus dem Bauch geschnittene und gegrillte Föten von Rudolf Scharping im Kosovo-Krieg.
2:34 [Sputnik] (E)
Newsweek Seems to Fire Disgraced Writer Eichenwald After Humiliating Settlement
The mainstream media darling everyone loves to hate, Kurt Eichenwald appears to have been ousted from Newsweek’s editorial staff after the publication settled with a former Sputnik writer over Eichenwald’s libel.
22:28 [RT] (E)
‘Mass hysteria’ in US politics over alleged Russian meddling – Lavrov
“Sane people” in Washington arguing for common sense in relations with Moscow now find themselves in “a difficult position,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, branding the recent mood in American political circles “mass hysteria.”
2:40 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
The Reign of Propaganda
If truth has a chance it is in a different country than America.
2:39 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Russlands „Wahleinmischung“: Eine der größten Verschwörungstheorien endlich vom Tisch
Die US-Zeitschrift „Newsweek“ hat am vergangenen Samstag Artikel über angebliche Geheimabsprachen zwischen US-Präsident Donald Trump mit Russland entfernen müssen. Damit ist eine der größten Geschichten über die vermeintliche Einmischung Russlands in die US-Wahl endgültig vom Tisch.
13:59 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Großbritannien: Von Japan bezahlte Neocon-Denkfabrik beschwört die "chinesische Bedrohung"
Die Henry Jackson Society, die für ihre aggressiven Positionen in der Außenpolitik bekannt ist, hat einen neuen Bericht über behauptete Risiken veröffentlicht, die mit zunehmenden Investitionen Chinas in die britische Infrastruktur verbunden wären.
13:35 [Antiwar] (E)
Syria Gas Attack and Russian Election Hacking…
Ron Paul Debunking Fake News With Scott Ritter
13:33 [Truthstream Media/youtube] (E)
Yes, There Is a Government Troll Training Program
By request, here`s a good topic for getting a video flat out censored... Document link in the description.
21:01 [Tim Hayward] (E)
It’s Time To Raise the Level of Public Debate about Syria
These past six months I have been getting to know the inter-media. They’re not formally part of mainstream, and they’re not very social, so I call them inter-media. They are like the maintenance team for the mainstream. To explain this, I’ll first say how I came to meet them.
15:05 [Sputnik] (E)
Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Mocks Newsweek After Removal of False Story About Agency
"Fearing court proceedings, Newsweek deleted false stories about us. We will further explain to various `newsweeks,` that it is not good to lie," Simonyan told Sputnik.
19:02 [Alternet] (E)
NY Times Rewrites History of Iraq War, Painting U.S. as Noble Democracy-Lover, Iran as Sinister Imperialist
...Arango paints the U.S. as a noble, freedom-loving nation on a mission to improve the lives of average Iraqis, and Iran as a sinister imperial force working to expand its sphere of influence across the region.
13:58 [Sputnik] (E)
‘Putin Won in Syria’: Will Trump Withdraw US Support for Anti-Assad Rebels?
The Washington Post has reported that US President Donald Trump is going to end the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) controversial program of arming and training of US-friendly Syrian rebels who oppose the Russian-backed Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. But is it fake news?
23:19 [Activist Post] (E)
Russia Questions OPCW’s Omission Of White Helmets Video Used to Justify U.S. Strike on Syria
Although any shred of investigation regarding the chemical incident in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria reveals that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons, it has not stopped the United States and its allies as well as the Western corporate media from reporting claims that Assad personally ordered chemical attacks against civilians in a non-strategic location with chemical weapons he no longer has.
21:43 [comprop] (E)
Troops, Trolls and Troublemakers: A Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation
Cyber troops are government, military or political party teams committed to manipulating public opinion over social media. In this working paper, we report on specific organizations created, often with public money, to help define and manage what is in the best interest of the public.
20:54 [Rense] (E)
Zionist-Approved News Is Killing America
The entire World must see our politicians and media as laughingstocks, with good reason. While accusations of Trump-Russian collusion and Russian hacking have sucked the air out of newsrooms across the country, they aren`t bothering to report that the Trump Pentagon is building new bases in Syria and Iraq and continue moving hundreds of vehicles and military equipment into Syria.
3:43 [Sputnik news] (F)
Pierre Le Corf : la blogueuse Bana, «mécanisme de propagande pendant la guerre» en Syrie
Pierre Le Corf, fondateur de l’ONG WeAreSuperheroes et un des rares humanitaires européens à travailler sur le terrain à Alep, a relayé sur Facebook de nouvelles informations sur la célèbre blogueuse de 7 ans, Bana Alabed.
19:38 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Washington Post: Doch nicht Russland - Arabische Emirate führten Hackerangriff gegen Katar aus
US-Geheimdienstkreise sollen einen Bericht der Washington Post bestätigt haben, wonach nicht Russland hinter den Hackerangriffen gegen Katar steht, sondern die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate. Westliche Medien hatten zuvor die Cyber-Angriffe Russland zugeschrieben.
17:27 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
As Anti-Trump / Anti-Russia Campaign Fails - Yascha Mounk Feeds New Lies
The U.S. borg is vehemently trying to set up Russia as an enemy of the "west". Their anti-Russian propaganda has become part of the campaign against U.S. President Trump who seeks détente with Russia. It requires intense efforts to denigrate the country, its citizens and its leaders. Here is an example of how such propaganda is fabricated.
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