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Das Schicksal heilt uns von vielen Fehlern, die die Vernunft nicht kurieren könnte.
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17:14 [Fars News Agency] (E)
Senior Cleric Raps US for Double-Standards Towards Human Rights Issues
Tehran`s provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami blasted the western states, specially the US, for their biased policies towards human rights issues in different world countries.
16:45 [Press TV] (E)
Rouhani’s defense pick vows to enhance Iran’s missile power
President Hassan Rouhani’s new pick for defense minister has underlined his resolve to further enhance Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities if he qualifies for the post.
11:56 [wunderhaft] (D)
Offener Brief: Taliban fordern von Trump den Abzug der Vereinigten Staaten aus Afghanistan
Die Taliban haben Präsident Trump am Dienstag aufgefordert die Kriegsstrategie in Afghanistan zu überdenken und mit den Afghanen selbst in einen friedlichen Dialog zu treten, anstatt "korrupte" Politiker zu engagieren.
2:21 [Press TV] (E)
Iran military chief and Turkish president bilateral defense ties
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri has met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.
0:41 [RT] (E)
Taliban to Trump: Withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, foreign occupation is main driver of war
In an open letter, the Taliban have urged US President Donald Trump to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, as the commander-in-chief ponders his next move in the country.
16:17 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Militärkampagne gescheitert: US-Armee soll Afghanistan verlassen – Russlands Außenamt
Die Militärkampagne der US-Armee in Afghanistan ist laut dem russischen Sonderbeauftragten für Afghanistan, Samir Kabulow, erfolglos gewesen. Das US-Militär soll das Land verlassen.
15:37 [Junge Welt] (D)
Machtpoker in Pakistan
Gestürzter Premier Nawaz Sharif sendet mit »Heimkehr-Tour« Signal der Stärke
12:11 [Press TV] (E)
Taliban seize district in northern Afghan province
Taliban militants have seized control of a district headquarters in Afghanistan’s northern province of Faryab, officials say.
20:33 [Press TV] (E)
Time for military threats against independent states over: Iran
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says the time for using military threats and pressure against independent countries as a weapon has come to an end.
15:08 [Press TV] (E)
Five killed in Kashmir clashes
Armed clashes in Indian-controlled Kashmir have left three militants and two Indian forces dead.
14:13 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Private Söldner und ein US-Vizekönig: Der Plan des Ex-Blackwater-Chefs für Afghanistan
Seit einigen Monaten wirbt der ehemalige Blackwater-Chef Eric Prince für seinen Afghanistan-Plan als Alternative zur umstrittenen Truppenaufstockung. Nun sind neue Details aufgetaucht: Tausende private Söldner, ein US-Vizekönig und die Ausbeutung von Bodenschätzen sollen die Kriegswende bringen.
22:54 [Sputnik] (E)
What`s Behind Russia`s Warning of `Resorting to Military Force` in Afghanistan?
Zamir Kabulov, a high rank career diplomat and Russian presidential envoy to Afghanistan, has recently remarked that if the Afghan government and Washington are unable to counter the threat posed by Daesh`s (ISIS/ISL) spread, Russia will resort to military force, Sputnik Afghanistan reported.
0:35 [Press TV] (E)
Trump wants JCPOA nullified at Iran`s expense: Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lashed out at US President Donald Trump for seeking to scrap at the expense of the Islamic Republic the landmark nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, including the US, in 2015.
21:04 [Press TV] (E)
Iran stands with Pakistan in fighting terror: Larijani
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has highlighted the threat posed by terror outfits to the regional and global stability, urging joint cooperation to combat the scourge.
18:35 [Press TV] (E)
Ex-minister Najafi elected new Tehran Mayor
Mohhamad-Ali Najafi has been elected Thursday as Tehran mayor following a vote at the City Council as the Iranian capital city faces challenges ranging from traffic to air pollution.
18:23 [Indian Punchline] (E)
Trump may outsource the Afghan war
In a significant statement to the media in Manila on Monday, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke about the Trump administration’s on-going policy review on Afghanistan, hinting strongly that the wind could be blowing in favour of ending the 16-year old war.
22:49 [Press TV] (E)
Troops kill three rebels, teenage boy in Indian-controlled Kashmir
Indian forces have killed three separatist rebels and a teenage boy in the Indian-controlled Kashmir as tensions continue to rock the Muslim-majority Himalayan region.
20:00 [Press TV] (E)
Iran rejects ‘bizarre’ Saudi claims of support for Taliban
“The claim of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for armed groups inside Afghanistan made by a regime which had recognized the former Taliban government and still has broad links with various terrorist groups in the country and the entire region seems bizarre,” the statement added.
14:51 [Sputnik] (E)
Doklam Standoff: Prodding by India, China Puts Nepal in Dilemma
Nepal, the Himalayan nation sandwiched between India and China, shares multifaceted bonds with both countries and nurtures a desire to become a vibrant economic bridge between the two.
15:10 [Press TV] (E)
Dialog best way to solve Korean dispute: Iran
President Rouhani made the remark during a Sunday meeting with Kim Yong-nam, who is the president of North Korea’s Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the Asian country’s unicameral legislature.
10:30 [Press TV] (E)
Renault signs landmark auto deal in Iran
French carmaker Renault has signed a much-awaited agreement with Iran to produce more than 150,000 cars a year in the country – what is already being described as the Islamic Republic’s biggest ever auto deal.
11:52 [Press TV] (E)
Taliban seize key area in north Afghanistan: Local official
The Taliban militants have taken control of a key area in northern Afghanistan after heavy clashes that claimed the lives of at least seven security forces, a provincial official says.
0:28 [Press TV] (E)
South Korea’s SK inks €1.6 billion Iran refinery deal
South Korea’s SK Engineering and Construction Co (SKEC) signed a heads of agreement on Saturday for a 1.6 billion euro upgrade of the Tabriz refinery in northwest Iran, the Shana news agency said.
19:50 [Blacklisted News] (E)
“Mother of All Bombs”: The Dark Sides of Afghanistan’s MOAB Tragedy are Unfolding
An array of reasons has been placed behind the use of MOAB including mine extraction. Zahir Qadeer, an Afghan Member of Parliament alleged that a blast of this magnitude was needed to generate a crack in the mountain and enable mining process to proceed.
13:35 [Sputnik] (E)
China, Move Over! India Considers Its Own `Silk Road`, Invites Iran to Join In
The proposed corridor, dubbed North-South, would stretch to Russia via Iran and connect the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean with the Caspian Sea, thus making the Islamic Republic a key player in the region.
0:21 [Sputnik] (E)
Two US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan During Attack on Convoy
US Department of Defense spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis confirmed that two members of the US military were killed in Afghanistan, when their convoy came under attack.
9:08 [Press TV] (E)
Pakistan must detach self from US: Opposition leader Imran Khan
Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan says Islamabad needs to detach itself from the United States and pull out of the “war on terror” in order to achieve prosperity and peace.
22:14 [Press TV] (E)
Iranian court rejects appeal by attackers of Saudi missions
Five of those tried were sentenced to six months in prison, while five others were handed down three-month sentences, said Mostafa Sha’bani, who represents them.
5:03 [Press TV] (E)
Iran Majlis committee passes motion to counter US hostilities
The Iranian Parliament`s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy has passed the general outlines of a motion to counter the terrorist and adventurous US measures in the region.
23:43 [World Socialist Web Site] (F)
Le masque tombe : une guerre de pillage en Afghanistan
L’attaque contre ce pays sud-asiatique appauvri et déchiré par la guerre fut présentée comme le coup d’envoi d’une « guerre mondiale contre le terrorisme », une croisade pour la justice et la revanche des attentats terroristes du 11 septembre 2001 axée sur le prétexte ridicule de traquer un seul homme, Oussama ben Laden.
23:07 [Sputnik] (E)
Pakistan`s Former Prime Minister Nominates Successor, Interim
Pakistan`s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif nominated his brother Shehbaz Sharif to become his successor and Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources to be interim prime minister.
13:06 [Press TV] (E)
Afghan forces retake district in Ghor Province from Taliban
Taliban took control of the center of Taywara — the main town of the rural area — on Sunday as part of a broad push that saw heavy fighting across much of the country.
13:03 [Press TV] (E)
Pakistan’s Sharif resigns after disqualification by Supreme Court
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan has resigned following a Supreme Court ruling that disqualified him from office over corruption charges.
4:42 [Press TV] (E)
Iran’s power stems from scientific progress: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has hailed the successful test-launch of his country’s new satellite carrier, saying such scientific achievements boost the Islamic Republic’s power and grandeur.
0:39 [Press TV] (E)
Iranian parliament body to meet on US threats against nuclear deal: MP
A key Iranian parliamentary committee is to convene an extraordinary session later this week to discuss the measures to be taken in the face of possible US threats against the 2015 nuclear deal, a senior legislator says.
12:32 [Press TV] (E)
Taliban militants kill 26 Afghan troops in raid on Kandahar army base
Taliban militants have killed at least 26 Afghan soldiers and injured 30 more in an attack on an army base in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar Province.
12:27 [Press TV] (E)
Iranian president vows US bans will not go unanswered
President Hassan Rouhani has denounced the US House of Representatives’ approval of a draft law on fresh sanctions against Iran, saying the Islamic Republic would “definitely”​ give a proportionate response to the hostile move.
11:28 [Irib] (D)
Laridschani: Feindseligkeit der Amerikaner gegenüber Atomabkommen ist zu ihrem eigenen Nachteil
Der iranische Parlamentspräsident sagte: "Wenn die Amerikaner glauben, dass das Niveau der Kontrollen der IAEA ungeeignet ist, kann es reduziert werden."
23:43 [Press TV] (E)
IRGC says neutralized provocative US Navy move in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has frustrated a provocative move by a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf after it allegedly fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel.
17:10 [Press TV] (E)
Afghans hold funeral for Shia Muslims killed in Kabul
Mourners have held a mass funeral for dozens of victims from Shia Hazara Muslim community who were killed in a deadly car bomb attack a day earlier in the Afghan capital, Kabul.
17:03 [Press TV] (E)
US sanctions fail to hinder rapid growth of Iran’s tech sector: Report
“US sanctions have protected the Islamic republic`s tech sector, barring Silicon Valley from profiting from one of the world`s most promising emerging markets, and giving a free run to domestic start-ups to recreate their services,” a Tuesday report by AFP read.
12:13 [Irib] (D)
Irans Außenministerium: Anti-iranische Maßnahmen der USA sind feindselig
Die Haltung und Maßnahmen der USA gegenüber dem Iran seien nach den Worten des Sprechers des iranischen Außenministeriums, Bahram Ghassemi, feindselig und dieses Land werde seine eigensinnige anti-iranische Position nie aufgeben.
12:10 [Irib] (D)
Zarif: USA brauchen für Umsetzung des Atomabkommens politischen Willen
Der iranische Außenminister wies darufhin, dass die USA das geringste Engagement für die Umsetzung des Gemeinsamen Aktionsplans des Atomabkommens zeigten und betonte: "Washington benötigt politischen Willen, um seine Verpflichtungen in Zusammenhang mit dem Atomabkommen umzusetzen"
12:10 [Irib] (D)
Iranische Justiz fordert sofortige Freilassung von Iranern in USA
Die iranische Justiz hat die schnellstmögliche Freilassung aller iranischen Inhaftierten in den USA, sowie die Freigabe des gesamten beschlagnahmten iranischen Vermögens in den USA gefordert.
22:43 [Global Research] (E)
When Will America’s Crime Spree in Afghanistan End?
“Punitive Raids” under the Cloak of “Humanitarian” Warfare
18:00 [Press TV] (E)
Iran-Afghanistan security intertwined, inseparable: Shamkhani
A senior Iranian official says the security of the Islamic Republic is "intertwined with and inseparable from" that of Afghanistan, stressing the need for more bilateral consultations and exchange of experience to fight the causes of insecurity.
17:54 [Press TV] (E)
US must swiftly release jailed Iranians, assets: Judiciary chief
Iran`s Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani says the United States must swiftly release Iranians held in US prisons and also billions of dollars of Iran`s assets.
18:48 [Press TV] (E)
Iran will not agree to renegotiate JCPOA: Senior MP
A senior Iranian lawmaker says the Islamic Republic will not agree to holding fresh talks about a landmark nuclear deal it signed with the P5+1 group of countries in 2015.
17:53 [Press TV] (E)
Iran’s IRGC seizes trespassing Saudi vessel in Persian Gulf
The Navy of Iran`s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has seized a Saudi vessel after it trespassed on the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, an official with the Fisheries Organization of Bushehr Province says.
14:42 [Irib] (D)
Teheraner Freitagsprediger: Amerikanisch-zionistische Lobby versucht, Beziehungen zwischen Iran und Staaten der Region zu beeinträchtigen
Der heutige Freitagsimam von Teheran, Seyyed Ahmad Khatami, hat den Druck der amerikanisch-zionistischen Lobby als den Grund für die jüngste Maßnahme der kuwaitischen Regierung gegen Iran bezeichnet.
14:42 [Irib] (D)
Drei Terroristen im Nordwesten Irans getötet
Letzte Nacht sind drei Terroristen im Grenzpunkt Null im Nordwesten Irans nach einem schweren Gefecht mit Kräften der Revolutionsgarde getötet worden.
14:39 [Irib] (D)
Iran: Geschäftsträger Kuwaits ins Außenministeriums einbestellt
Im diplomatischen Streit zwischen Teheran und Kuwait-Stadt hat das iranische Außenministerium den kuwaitischen Geschäftsträger in Teheran einbestellt.
14:35 [Al Alam] (E)
16 Afghan police killed in US strike
On Friday afternoon an errornous US airstrike killed 16 Afghan policemen and wounded two others in Afghanistan`s Helmand province.
4:50 [govtslaves] (E)
MOAB: US Attack Causes Catastrophic Consequences in Afghanistan
On April 13, the US dropped a non-atomic bomb in the Achin district of the Afghan province of Nangarhar, known as the “Mother of All Bombs” or MOAB. Following the incident the citizens who survived are showing signs of horrible diseases.
19:14 [irib] (D)
Iran kritisiert englischen Waffenverkauf an Saudi-Arabien
Der Leiter des strategischen Rates für Auslandsbeziehungen Irans sagte: "Der Verkauf von Waffen an Saudi-Arabien durch England für das Töten unschuldiger Menschen im Jemen hat die Gefühle der Menschen in der Region verletzt."
23:47 [Press TV] (E)
Blacklisting Iran’s IRGC to cost US dear: Top commander
A top Iranian commander has warned against the repercussions of Washington’s possible designation of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, saying the move would cost the US dear.
23:46 [RT] (E)
US should move bases 1,000km from Iran if it wants to pursue further sanctions – army chief
The US has to move its bases 1,000km away from Iran’s borders if it plans to keep sanctions in place against Tehran, or risk paying a price, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said.
15:03 [Irib] (D)
Iran: 30 Prozent Frauen in verantwortungsvollen Posten
Bei einer Sitzung des Obersten Verwaltungsrates in Teheran am Dienstag wurde beschlossen, dass in der 12. Regierung des Landes 30 Prozent der Verantwortlichen Frauen sein sollen. Es wurde beschlossen, dass unter den Frauen ausgewählt, um in den zwölften, 30% der Manager in Exekutivagenturen werden.
14:37 [Irib] (D)
Iranisches Parlament: Dringlichkeitsbeschluss über Gegenmaßnahmen zu terroristischem Vorgehen der USA in Region
Die Abgeordneten des islamisch-iranischen Parlamentes haben in einem Dringlichkeitsbeschluss für Gegenmaßnahmen zum terroristischen und abenteuersuchenden Vorgehen der USA in der Region abgestimmt.
14:36 [Irib] (D)
Zarif: Durch Zusammenarbet von Teheran und Riad können Krisen der Region gelöst werden
Der iranische Außenminister sagte, dass die iranischen Raketen der Verteidigung dienen und fügte hinzu: Durch die Zusammenarbeit von Teheran und Riad können die Krisen in der Region überwunden werden.
17:13 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Iran: Parlament stimmt für Gesetzentwurf über Widerstand gegen US-Terror
Das iranische Parlament (Madschlis) hat mehrheitlich den Gesetzentwurf über den Widerstand gegen den „US-Terrorismus“ im Nahen Osten angenommen, berichtet das staatliche Fernsehen des Landes.
13:19 [Irib] (D)
Afghanistan: 249 Zivilisten in einem Monat getötet
Im Monat Juni sind in Afghanistan 249 Zivilisten getötet und 794 weitere verletzt worden.
13:17 [Irib] (D)
Iran: Unabhängigkeitsreferendum in der Kurdenregion wird ganzen Irak schwächen
Das geplante Unabhängigkeitsreferendum in der autonomen Kurdenregion im Nordirak wird zur Isolation, zum Druck auf die Kurden und zur Schwächung der Kurdenregion und des gesamten Landes führen.
10:56 [Telepolis] (D)
Afghanistan: Opiumprodukte weiterhin Exportgut Nummer 1
Die illegale Wirtschaft übersteigt den Anteil der gesamten legalen Exporte am BIP. Afghanistan bleibt weltführend in der Opiumproduktion. Seit 10 Jahren steigt der Anbau, während die Vernichtung von Mohnfeldern zurückgefahren worden ist, was mit dem Abrutschen des Landes in größere Armut einhergeht, so Jelena Bjelica, eine Autorin des Afghan Analysts Network. Ihrem Artikel liegt der 65 Seiten starke Bericht der UN-Behörde für Drogen - und Verbrechensbekämpfung (UNODC) von 2016 zugrunde.
3:43 [Geopolitica] (F)
The dangerous US-Saudi attempt of regime change in Pakistan
Pakistan witnesses the largest political crisis in recent years. Leaders of the main opposition parties called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down because of the corruption charges brought against him by the investigation team formed by the country`s Supreme Court. Increasing instability in the only Muslim country that possesses nuclear weapons raises fears of experts.
20:19 [Press TV] (E)
Afghan forces push Taliban out of southern area in Helmand province
Afghan security forces have recaptured a southern district in the restive province of Helmand from the Taliban, as part of Kabul’s campaign to push the militant group from one of the key heartlands of insurgency and narcotics production.
20:18 [Press TV] (E)
Renewed fighting in Kashmir kills 6 as Pakistan, India exchange fire
Indian and Pakistani forces have again exchanged fire along Kashmir’s Line of Control (LoC), with reports saying six people have been killed on the two sides of the border.
14:32 [Press TV] (E)
Iran warns US of `big risk` if it blacklists IRGC
Iran`s top military official has warned the US of the repercussions which Washington`s possible branding of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization would have.
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