Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Das Schicksal heilt uns von vielen Fehlern, die die Vernunft nicht kurieren könnte.
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Welt - Russland und Zentralasien (1)
21:35 [Stalker Zone]
The Liberal “Opposition” in Russia Attacked the Immortal Regiment
Investigative Committee investigators detained persons suspected of publishing photos of Nazis on the “Immortal Regiment” website. Some have already admitted their guilt and repented of what they did. According to an independent investigation, among the detainees were supporters of the blogger Aleksey Navalny.
Welt - Weltpolitik (1)
21:39 [Tass]
Accusations of Russia’s alleged crimes in Syria are part of media war, says UN envoy
Accusations hurled at Russia for alleged military crimes in Syria are part of information warfare, Russia’s UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzya said in an interview with the Kommersant daily. "There are many things we are accused of. Not only as concerns Syria. Regretfully, this is part of a war. A media war," the diplomat stressed. As for accusations against Russia’s armed forces from the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria, Nebenzya said that the Russian foreign and defense ministries had repeatedly refuted them. "First of all, often the evidential base of these accusations is unidentified sources. In fact, these sources are familiar — experts in fakes from the White Helmets organization and others like them," he explained.
Europa - Allgemein (1)
10:08 [Donbass Insider]
Strelkov answered about Donbass and Russia’s involvement in the MH17 crash
Despite Russia’s provision of convincing evidence that the Ukrainian army was guilty of the fall of the Malaysian Boeing in the summer of 2014, the West continues to condemn the Donbass militia and Moscow for this tragedy. In an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, former commander of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Igor Strelkov (Girkin), who at that time led the forces of the people’s militia of Donbass, frankly answered the question who was responsible for the destruction of the MH17. According to him, the militia did not shoot down the Boeing.
Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle (1)
10:24 [Advancing time]
It Doesn`t Matter What You Think, Reality Is What It Is
It doesn`t matter what you think, the reality we face is what we are seeing here on the ground. Reality is what it is and our government will as usual muddle through with poorly thought out politically correct solutions geared to kick the can down the road. This brings me little delight. I have gone a bit quiet lately because of how events are slowly unfolding, the keyword, in this case, is slowly. Rather than a wave washing over us we are experiencing a troubling drip after drip of bad news which a majority of the population has now come to accept as normal. You can put lipstick on a pig but no matter what you tell yourself, it is still a pig.
Themen - Kriminalität und Nepp (1)
21:36 [Moon oft Alabama]
Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In His Home - A Timeline
Jerusalem Post, May 9 2020 US: Israel should re-think China`s participation in desalination plant - State Department, May 13 - Travels With the Secretary of State - Travel to Israel - Briefing with Senior State Department Officials On Secretary Pompeo’s Travel to Jerusalem, Israel - Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Gili Cohen of Kan 11 - Interview - Haaretz, May 15 China Says `We Trust the Jewish Friends` After Pompeo Warns Israel About Investments, - Times of Israel, May 17 Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at Herzliya residence
Themen - Medien und Propaganda (1)
10:11 [Donbass Insider]
Anti-science fiction, or how Russia was “buried” by Kiev
One of the favourite activities of the Ukrainian “community of experts” is the invention of predictions of Russia’s imminent death and the distribution of medical diagnostics to its leaders. Ukrainian politicians, “ordinary citizens” among the “couch experts”, as well as many “institutions of analysis“, which are a “one-man show” if we exclude the courier and the cleaning lady, enjoy this national pastime. This time, Russia’s rapid and painful sunset is announced by the “Ukrainian Centre for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament” (CDAKR, where the “D” in the abbreviation stands for “research”).
Schlusslicht - Herzliches und Herzhaftes (1)
21:36 [Stalker Zone]
Ukraine Will Seek the Exclusion of Russia From the UN and UN Security Council
Russia illegally became a member of the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council because in 1991 it won a seat in that Organisation without complying with the requirements of the Charter of the United Nations, bypassing it. This was written by “ZN.UA” observer Vladimir Kravchenko in the article “Russian skeletons in the UN closet”.

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